Buckeye Online School for Success (BOSS) proudly serves students and families throughout the state of Ohio with tuition free, online public schooling. BOSS offers a synchronous learning model allowing students in grades K-12 to interact with their teachers and classmates in real time from the comfort and safety of their homes. BOSS has been trusted by Ohio families for over a decade to provide a quality online education opportunity.

“BOSS has been amazing for our kindergartner who has just started. She has excelled in all areas from the time she has started. I would have never known that her teacher started just this year, it is an amazing school.”

“I have a total different outlook of online schooling since my children have started with buckeye. I appreciate the contact with teachers and interaction with students all day long.”

“I recommend BOSS for others, it’s a safe, fun and great learning environment.”

“I am so thrilled that we made the decision to go with BOSS . My daughter loves it and I love it too! I know she is getting a great education from the comforts of home. I am so thankful that this is an option. The teachers are well-prepared and kind, and it is obvious they love what they do. My daughter has had a wonderful experience. Her strengths are recognized, she gets the help she needs, and she is appreciated for who she is. We couldn’t be more pleased with BOSS . Highly recommend!”

“BOSS has been a great school for my young person . She is very shy and had a lot of anxiety so this school has been good for her . Hopefully she will continue and finish her high school years and be the first in her family to graduate.”

“The teachers work together. The school brought out the best in my son. He’s independent self driven self motivated. As a team working together parents as well the teacher is phenomenal. Thank You BOSS for creating a great team . You saved my son from getting lost in the system. I highly recommend this school. Again thank you.”

“I have had several children attend BOSS through the years and the teachers have made a great impact in my childrens’ academic success!”

“I can not possibly express how wonderful BOSS is. The teachers are amazing and everyone I have had contact with have been remarkable. I would not want my kids going anywhere else.”

“I trust this school.”

“BOSS educators are wonderful role-models for my student. They have allowed her to explore her own style of learning while helping her to meet the requirements. I was a little worried at first about her future opportunities for college work, but she is being actively pursued by Universities around the nation. I was also worried about the social interaction with friends, however, she has made friendships through this learning experience without the social pressures to be something that she is not. She is a brilliant young person and so are many of her friends that I have met, I look forward to seeing where they all go after they leave BOSS . I would highly recommend this avenue as an alternative to the “traditional”.”

“We are having a great learning year at BOSS ! Having teachers and staff that make my child feel cared for makes all the difference. The teachers are all in sync and the curriculum is great. We are so glad to have made the change to BOSS , our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. Thank you BOSS !!”

“I think that BOSS school is a great school both of my kids have went there and they had a great experience. They’re professional and always willing to help.”

“BOSS school has been great for my daughter, the teachers are incredibly patient and have creative teaching methods. Learning at home is a lot less stressful on the students and parents. All of her classmates get along and are able to share ideas.”

“I would recommend BOSS to anyone. My daughter has really come out of her shell. The staff and teachers are great!”

“I do recommend BOSS to anyone who wants to enroll his or her child in an online school. All of the teachers take the time to help the kids if they need it. And all of the Teachers and everyone who is involved is very nice! My recommendation for sure!”

“We love BOSS because communication is important for student success. I have always been able to have an open line of communication with the staff and teachers at BOSS at streamlining the success of my son’s education. He truly enjoys the interaction with the teachers and other students and likes participating in the class without any stress. Everyone has always been very helpful and making sure ,as a parent, I understand the progress and success of my child. It has been a great school year and look forward to the next. Class of 2022.”

“We have been with BOSS since Kindergarten, My child loves it. We strongly recommend BOSS.
BOSS engages the students in interactive and thorough lessons to encourage the best learning possible. I am very impressed by how closely this school models the function of a brick and mortar classroom. Highly recommended.”

“We have had our children enrolled at BOSS since 2015. Currently we have 3 children enrolled in grades Kindergarten, Third and Sixth. Our children have excelled at this school and we always recommend it to everyone. The teachers go above and beyond for the kids and the Principal and other staff are some of the friendliest (and most helpful) you will meet. We honestly have zero complaints. Having our kids home and safe during the school day gives us peace of mind as parents during unprecedented times when metal detectors are needed at traditional brick and mortar schools. The learning environment is unique in the sense that our children are still able to interact with their classmates via webcams and chats and the teachers allow them to be kids, but also keep them on task. Any issues that have come up in the past have been handled head on and quickly resolved. We cannot say enough good things about BOSS and implore you to give it a try. You will be so happy you did!”

“I cannot say enough good about BOSS! They are all amazing.”

“We love BOSS because of its teachers and the bell schedule you would get from normal schools. Most online schools don’t do that. Thank you BOSS!”

“I would recommend BOSS to another friend or family member.”