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General FAQ

BOSS is a tuition free public school. Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade are eligible for enrollment. You must be an Ohio resident and under the age of 21.
Yes. As a public school, our students earn a high school diploma that is identical to any other diploma awarded by public schools in the state of Ohio. BOSS is an accredited public school and graduates have the same rights and privileges extended to them as any other Ohio graduate when applying for opportunities at our state and nation colleges and universities. BOSS does host a traditional cap and gown ceremony.
The typical school day has a minimum of 5 hours of instruction. Students may have to complete homework, may sign up for field trips, or elect to watch previously recorded classes which will consume additional time.
Our virtual classes meet daily at regularly scheduled times and assignments are given due dates by the teacher.
The attendance policy we follow is according to the Ohio State law. Students are required to log attendance and complete five hours of work every school day on their computer.
Yes. We will set up testing locations all across the state so that no family has to drive more than one hour.
Yes. We have a K-12 Special Education program with Highly Qualified Teachers and certified Intervention Specialists. To discuss this with us in more detail, call 866-642-9237 ext 1229 (toll-free).
Virtual classes allow students to interact live with their classmates as well as their teachers throughout the school day. Our virtual class environment allows students to build and maintain relationships both inside and outside of the classroom. BOSS also offers a variety of field trips and clubs for our students.
Learning online is a student-parent-teacher partnership. Parent involvement increases student success. Students learn more and perform better when parents stay involved with schedules, course material, assignments, and grades. Communication is very important.
For a list of our curriculum choices, please check the curriculum tab above.

Computer/Technical FAQ

No. Each student will be loaned a computer system (including computer and software) to support the learning process. These computer systems are instructional property and must be returned when the student leaves BOSS. BOSS will arrange for technical support and troubleshooting for these systems. We also provide internet reimbursement for students.
´╗┐Use of the computer is an important part of the program. Our program is user-friendly and the teachers and staff at BOSS will guide students in the procedures used in their coursework.
No. BOSS is able to provide a student the use of a computer with necessary components only while the student is enrolled with BOSS. Once the student is no longer enrolled, BOSS will collect the computer, all equipment, and books.
Yes. All students will be assigned a technical support representative who can resolve problems over the phone during normal school hours. Our technical support representatives have in-depth knowledge with our computers and have a variety of tools that they can use to assist them in resolving problems. We can even remote in to the students machine to use the keyboard & mouse as if they were sitting right in front of the computer!

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