Junior/Senior High School

Earn your high school diploma through BOSS

The Junior Senior High School consists of grades 6-12 and has approximately 500 students and 30 teachers and intervention specialists. BOSS students are instructed in a synchronous classroom with a live teacher on a traditional bell schedule. Class sizes average 25-30 students each. BOSS has modeled itself after a traditional school, except the students are learning online in the comfort of their own homes.

BOSS is excited to continue to expand its Canvas LMS platform as well as the Kaltura virtual classroom. Though Canvas and Kaltura are the foundations of the school technology, BOSS continues to provide students and teachers with innovative educational resources that increase student engagement and improve the learning experience. The Junior/Senior high school will continue utilizing i-Ready, Edulastic, Nearpod,, and Kami as a few of the educational tools that have worked well for the school for years. The High School will add IXL to its repertoire for the 2023-2024 school year.

Communication and engagement are two critical components for the success of BOSS students. Administration and teachers utilize ParentSquare as the primary tool to communicate with parents. Though BOSS tries to streamline communication through technology, sometimes an old-fashioned phone call is the necessary means of communication.

Students are required to utilize their web cameras during class. Not only does camera usage engage students and make them accountable for their learning, but it also engages the teachers during instruction when they are teaching to an engaged audience.

All students are assigned to a homeroom teacher to help guide them through the onboarding learning process. Students attend homeroom daily to receive school announcements, grade and progress updates, and support from their homeroom teacher and peers as needed.

BOSS is proud to offer qualifying students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to participate in the College Credit Plus (CCP). BOSS partners with colleges and universities across the state of Ohio to provide students with this dual enrollment opportunity. BOSS continues to grow its CCP program each year.

Academic focus continues to be improving state test scores. All teachers are fully vested in the Ohio Improvement Process and meet as Teacher Based Teams (TBTs) weekly to analyze student data and discuss instructional strategies and learning supports in order to improve student performance. Teachers work to break down academic standards and adopt new techniques to help provide students with the academic support necessary to show continued academic growth.

BOSS strives to promote a successful learning environment. Providing students throughout Ohio with a quality education is BOSS’s priority. Through its unique capabilities and committed staff, BOSS continues to provide a worthwhile learning experience for all students.