School Overview

Welcome to the Buckeye Online School for Success (BOSS) District Profile page!  BOSS is a public, K-12 school based in East Liverpool, OH.  BOSS is entirely online with students who attend our school from the convenience of their own home.  Being a public school, we accept enrollment from any student who lives in the state of Ohio.

BOSS differs from many online schools in that our students attend live classes Monday-Friday on a typical bell schedule.  Students attend school in a synchronous environment with a live teacher in classes ranging from 10-30 students.

School Information

You can read more about our elementary school by visiting this link: Elementary School

You can read more about our junior and senior high school by visiting this link: Jr/Sr High School

You can read more about our special education services by visiting this link: Special Education

FAQ & Enrollment

If you want to learn more about the school beyond the links above, here is a list of some frequently asked questions regarding our school.