Enrolling for the 2020-2021 School Year

Make a Positive Change to Your Child’s Future

The Buckeye Online School for Success is an all online, public, K-12 school based right here in Ohio.  Our school is 100% tuition-free and offer LIVE classes from Ohio licensed teachers right at the comfort of your own home.  While most online schools run a “here’s all your assignments for the year” type model, The Buckeye Online School for Success, or BOSS as we like to call ourselves, runs a normal bell schedule for our classes with a live teacher and small class sizes.  We feel this model helps ensure your students have the support they need for a successful K-12 experience.

What BOSS Offers Your Family:

  • Tuition-free K-12 education from the safety of your home
  • LIVE courses with small class sizes from Ohio licensed teachers
  • Field trips throughout the state of Ohio during the school year
  • A Chromebook for your child’s education as well as paid internet throughout the year
  • All special education services, guidance counselor, & technical support

View a sample of our live online classroom below

This clip is from our 6th grade science fair where we had our entire 6th grade class join up and show off their science projects!  The students are able to raise their hands to request speaking privileges in the participant list and chat with each other and the teacher through the chat window.  Those sections have been blurred out for privacy purposes.