The New BOSS Website

Welcome to the new BOSS website!

We’ve been working hard to get together the new website you see here! As times change, websites need to change as well. We feel that this layout and design will bring you the most up to date information in the easiest display possible. Right on the initial load, you see exactly what our school is. We are a K-12, tuition free, 100% online school. Enrollment information is always needed so we display an easy to fill out form just below the main header. From there we will display our upcoming field trips, followed by the latest news happening at the school.

Our menu options have changed some as well! While our Enrollment tab is still available, you’ll see new information under the “Academics” tab. You can get a birds eye view on our Elementary grades, Jr/Sr high school, and special education. In addition to that, you can access our school calendar and a quick glance at how our curriculum works.

In the “News” tab, we will display all of our state required information, upcoming field trips, news articles, and the newest addition: upcoming board meetings and previous board minutes! Following that, we will have a small breakdown of our state required testing with some upcoming dates and information. Finally, we get into the “About Us” section which displays our new FAQ layout, the school’s administration, and a contact form to get in touch with our staff.

Take a look around, let us know what you think! We appreciate all feedback, and we will continue to make changes to the new layout until we get everything looking just right.

Technology Coordinator at Buckeye Online School for Success

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